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The originals are the first ten NFT ever created on the CrazyCats NFT collection, they are currently the only NFTs up for sale until the launch of Project CCT where 10k NFTs will be added to the collection making "THE ORIGINALS" extremely rare! Check them out before its too late.

What is CrazyCats about?

CrazyCats NFT is an OpenSea collection of cat collectibles based on the ETH block chain. For now only ten are created and are part of the original series however with project CCT launching December first, 10000 cats will be randomly generated and added to this collection, make sure to buy the first ten as they are hand drawn and will soon be ultra rare! If you are not interested in those and think they are to expensive for an unverified collection make sure to be there December first as when they drop some will be as low as 0.002 ETH!

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"PROJECT CCT" regroups all the work put in towards the launch of the 10 000 NFTs. Each NFT in the CrazyCats NFT collection except for "THE ORIGINALS" are randomly generated by an algorithm. To make the algorith work, around 100 accesories were hand-drawn and added in the algorithm. In 2022 after the launch of PROJECT CCT a CrazyCats token will be launched and token holders will have exclusive accesses to CrazyCats Events!

Check out our instagram to be updated with any new info!

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